Maksim Orekhov

Maksim Orekhov

Maksim Orekhov was born 24 July 1984 in music family. In 1997-2002 he studied in The Central special music school by Moscow conservatory by Tchaikovsky in the class by prof.G.P.Kerenzev which finished cum laud. In 2007 he finished cum laud of the The Moscow State Conservatory by Tchaikovsky.

Maksim Orekhov is the laureat many music competition as in Russia as in Europe. It’s his professional achievements:
- The firs prize Winners of the International radio competition “Conzertino Prague” (2001)
- The first prize Winners of the 3rd competition “The young talents of Moscow” (1999)
- The first prize Winners of the 1st Moscow young oboists competition dedicated to eighty-year anniversary I.F.Pushechnikov (1998)
- The first prize Winners of the TV competition “The young musician of Moscow”(1997)
- The laureat of the 2nd wood international competition of young misician (1997,Moscow,Russia)
- The laureat of the International Moscow competition of the association “The Classical heritage” (1997)
- The laureat of the music competition “N.Rubinshtein and Moscow composer school” (1997)

Maksim has been awarded scholarships by "New Names" foundation "New names", the charitable foundation by V. Spivakov and the foundation "The Russian performer atr".
In 2003 he was invited to join the oboe section of the Russian National Orchestra under Mikhail Plentev. In 2004 he entered into the Association of Russian oboists.
Maksim appeared with concert in the best hall of Russia. He performed on tour in different countries such as Spain, Ukrain, Latvia, Lithunia, Czech Republic, German, Sweden, Norwege, Austria and USA. He took part in the concert of the Summer music academy in Lilienfild (Ausria) and in the music festival in South Bihemia.

Press quotes:

“The orchestral sound was wonderfull. I would like to bring out the young solist of the orchestra by Maksim Orehov which plays the English horn. The composer wrote the most fascinating phrase for this instrument in the composition…..” (The newspaper “Cultural”, 05.05.05).

“Unconditionally, the Tuonelsky swan was perfectly, where Maksin Orekhov was playing the English horn this infinitely being flowed cantilena with flawlessly intonation and very poetically.” (The newspaper “Cultural”, 02.02.06)

“In performing of the consert impossible to note also the wonderfull playing of the groupe of wood wind and, especially, Maksim Orekvov which was solist on the English horn.” (“Pravda”,20.10.08)