Cor anglais

The Rigoutat Cor Anglais

Played in numerous orchestras througout the world and by the grertest soloists, the RIGOUTAT Cor Anglais, be it in African Grenadilla wood or in violet wood, no longer needs to be presented.

This instrument, of impeccable intonation and incomparable tone quality, exists in the following versions:

  • Paris Conservatory system with third octave key and left F
  • Semi-automatic or automatic system
  • Automatic system / G plateau system 1, 2, 3
  • Automatic system / flageolet
  • Prestini system

Certain aditions are possible :

  • Thumb plate
  • Left C#
  • Left F key and left C#
  • It goes without saying that all models that musicians wish to have "made to fit" can be realized in our workshops.