Pro Oboe Rigoutat

Rigoutat Oboe

RIGOUTAT oboes are high-level professional oboes. Made of African Grenadilla wood or of violet wood, they are available in the Classical, Symphony and Evolution bore design (Violet wood available only in Symphony bore).
By the richness of its tone quality, the Classical RIGOUTAT oboe remains the oboe of soloists and concert artists.
With an easier emission in the lows and in the low high links, the RIGOUTAT Symphony oboe is better adapted to the orchestra.
Its tone quality merges better with other instruments.
The RIGOUTAT Evolution oboe has inherited the rich tone quality of the Classical oboe, but also a higher low register and a more stable high register.

Main models :

  • Semi-automatic or automatic system
  • Automatic system / G plateau system 1, 2, 3 (left C#)
  • Automatic system / flageolet (left F and left C#)
  • Prestini system (thumb plate)

It goes without saying that all models that musicians wish to have "made to fit" can be realized in our workshops.

Not to be forgotten, even though special instruments, are the RIGOUTAT bass oboe with its rich, voluminous tone quality and the RIGOUTAT oboe d'amore, whose completely renewed design makes it one of the best instruments currently available.

Rigoutat Oboe line, Riec, Delphine are tested by Jean-Claude JABOULAY...