Delphine Oboe


The DELPHINE, a beginner's instrument par excellence, is highly appreciated by the Conservatories. Descending to low Bb with a resonance key, it has the left F key, the F resonance key and the very important B to C# trill. This beginner's oboe exists in the North American variant. Its ergonomics, intended for small students, as well as its low price have made possible the beginnings of a large number of students.

Main features :

  • Specially-designed plateau system
  • Grenadilla wood body
  • Keywork in nickel silver with heavy silver plating
  • Range to low Bb with Bb resonance
  • Left F key
  • B to C# trill
  • Left Eb key
  • F resonance key
  • Correspondance sol#-fa# (serpent)
  • First octave key designed for the child's hand
  • D trill key
  • Second octave key closes the first octave key (semi-automatic system)