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Juan Mari Ruiz

Oboist, Professor, Author

Since 1988 he has been teaching the oboe at all levels, for 28 years in the upper grade.

He teaches in courses and masterclasses, and also gives online lessons in Play with a Pro.

On his YouTube channel he shares videos on oboe pedagogy, instrumental technique and practice strategies, and on his website you can find more than a hundred articles on these topics

He is the author of the books El aprendizaje de los instrumentos de viento madera and La técnica instrumental aplicada a la pedagogía (2019), both in the Ma Non Troppo collection of the Redbook publishing house in Barcelona. He has also published a manual on oboe technique entitled Study Notebook.

He writes articles on topics related to musical teaching and instrumental practice in the Madrid Melómano magazine and in other specialized ones, such as that of the Association Française du Hautbois.

He is a member of the direction board of the Association of Oboists and Bassoonists of Spain (AFOES) and of the editorial committee of its magazine.

He collaborates regularly with the Euskadi Symphony Orchestra, Navarra Symphony Orchestra, Bilbao Orchestra, Orchestre du Pays Basque, Orchestre de Pau-Pays de Béarn and with chamber orchestras such as the Orchestra of the Chapel of Music of the Cathedral of Pamplona, Sinfonietta de Pamplona and the Taupadak Orchestra as part of a collaboration project with the music school of San Ignacio de Moxos, Bolivia. He also performs with several chamber music groups.

He began his oboe studies at the Bayonne Conservatory with Jacky Morel and continued at the CNR of Paris with Jean Claude Jaboulay. He obtained the End of Degree Award at the Higher Conservatory of San Sebastián and is a Licenciate with Distinction in English horn by the Guildhall School of Music and Drama of London.

Juan Mari Ruiz has been trusting Rigoutat since 1978.

El aprendizaje de los instrumentos de viento madera(2017) Ma Non Troppo
La técnica instrumental aplicada a la pedagogía() Ma Non Troppo
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