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The Classique embodies the aesthetics and sound signature of Rigoutat oboes; it is the brand’s iconic oboe.

This legendary oboe offers the powerful, generous projection that is characteristic of Rigoutat oboes, providing unrivalled transfer and return of sound.

The Classique has one of the most varied chromatic scales, giving the musician the ability to play from the lowest to the highest note while retaining an even tone.

This top-down expanding nature of the harmonic structure that makes the oboe sing and resonate has been the very signature of Rigoutat for decades.

The Classique has known how to reinvent itself to keep up with the wishes of our artists and developments in the oboe world in general.

The composite material is available as an option to strengthen the top joint and reduce the risk of cracks, allowing the musician to play confidently at all times.

What fans of the Classique Oboe have to say about it


International Soloist & Professor at the University of Music in Karlsruhe

I’m married to the Classique, it’s difficult for me to play anything else after 50 years. The instrument’s vibration is so special, I don’t get this feeling with other instruments.


Oboe Soloist of the Opera National de Paris Orchestra and Professor at the CNSM of Paris

The Classique projects with its timbre and richness. It’s a very flexible instrument.


French Oboist, Soloist, Chamber Musician and Oboe Professor

I used to play the Classique that my predecessor, Claude Maisonneuve, had kept in good condition and, in my opinion, it was the most beautiful oboe
sound. People would compliment us, saying: “What a sound, bravo!”.

Technical specifications

  • Key : C
  • Pitch : 440/442 Hz
  • Body : African Grenadilla wood (Dalbergia Melanoxylon)
  • Octave Keys : 3º, semi-automatic
  • Keywork finish : Silver-plated nickel silver
  • System : Full conservatory System, semi-automatic (full automatic as an option)
  • Pads : Cork, Leather for the low register
  • Thumb rest : Fix (adjustable as an option)
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