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The Riec is a full conservatory, semi-professional instrument. With its sound amplitude and versatility, this model is the best option of advanced students, adult beginners and amateur players. Its mechanism is made of silver-coated brass, while the body is made of Granadilla wood. Optionally, the top joint can be provided in delrin, a synthetic material.

What fans of the Riec Oboe have to say about it


Hautbois Co-Soliste à l'Orchestre de l'Opéra de Paris et professeur au CRR de Rueil Malmaison

The Riec is very effective, it’s straighter. It’s an easy instrument that centers well. It’s ideal for a student because it helps you learn how to blow correctly.

Mathilde Lebert

Principal Oboe at the Orchestre National de France

It’s a very high-quality student instrument with a key system that is almost as complete as that of a professional instrument. I know this instrument well as I played it until I was 18, and these days I use it for the tuning I do at the showroom.


Oboe Soloist for the Orchestre Philharmonique de Strasbourg and Professor in the Conservatoire de Strasbourg et à l’Académie Supérieur des Arts du Rhin

The Riec is the Rolls Royce of student oboes, it really is a safe bet, an excellent instrument. It has proved its worth many times, it’s a great instrument that can help you go a long way in your studies. It has a very attractive side, people can’t get enough of it. It keeps its value because it’s an instrument that doesn’t wear over time if it’s properly maintained.


French Oboist, Soloist, Chamber Musician and Oboe Professor

It’s the whole package. We designed it to have easier, softer intonation and playing; it helped us develop the J.

Technical specifications

  • Key : C
  • Pitch : 440/442 Hz
  • Body : African Grenadilla wood (Dalbergia Melanoxylon), Top joint option in delrin
  • Octave Keys : 3º, semi-automatic
  • Keywork finish : Silver-plated nickel silver
  • System : Full conservatory System, semi-automatic (full automatic as an option)
  • Pads : Cork, Leather for the low register
  • Thumb rest : Fix (adjustable as an option)
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